I Know Which Turkey I’m Roasting for Thanksgiving

“We are living in 1915- Today is April 24,”- Garo Paylan, HDP MP. His tweet: an implication that the modern-day arrests mimic the arrests and annihilation of Armenian elected parliamentarians and leaders in Turkey on April 24, 1915 during the start of the Armenian Genocide. On November 4, twelve MP’s of Turkey’s opposition Peoples Democratic … Continue reading I Know Which Turkey I’m Roasting for Thanksgiving

Let’s Revisit What Actually Happened During the First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: a time to give thanks, eat a lot of food, and go Black Friday shopping. This is exactly what the first group of Pilgrims and Native Americans did right; sit peacefully around a large table and eat an abundance of food that they prepared in unison. Because that's what we're told in our history … Continue reading Let’s Revisit What Actually Happened During the First Thanksgiving

Aborting the Abortion Debate

Obviously my first sentence would start with Trump, because nowadays which sentence doesn't? Anyway, as we head into our second presidential debate, the American people should be conscious of the important topics that will be discussed. These include immigration reforms, stopping ISIS efforts, women's rights, and other topics that are the focal points of the concerns of … Continue reading Aborting the Abortion Debate

Foreigners in their Own Home

In a time of international crisis, the world is wrestling with the term “separation of church and state.” Focusing on Muslim countries specifically, religion and nationality have overlapped with state affairs, excluding those who are unwilling to be inclusive of the national religious-affiliation of political conduct. This unwillingness raises questions in both citizenship and national … Continue reading Foreigners in their Own Home

FDA Making Our Lives Difficult, Again

By October 11, 2016, the public is supposed to let the FDA know how badly their new draft on Dietary Supplements are. The previous draft from July 2011 called on dietary supplement manufacturers or distributors to notify the FDA of any chemically altered ingredients in their products. The new draft, Docket Number FDA-2011-D-0376: "Dietary Supplements: New … Continue reading FDA Making Our Lives Difficult, Again